I spend a lot of time thinking about comics. Obviously.

While this is not really a novel topic (Online culture has eradicated most conceptions of ‘niche’, especially ones focused of previously ‘overlooked’ areas like Comics or Video Games), I do often feel the discourse around it is more statistical than literary. And while I’m certainly not above the more visceral, immediate pleasures of Comics, what truly captivates me about the medium is their enormous potential for storytelling, how much has already been done with it, and how little it gets explored. Therefore I’ve carved out my own little space to ramble about those funny little things with word balloons and divided images, and what I think can be gained out of them.

This blog’s title is quite blatantly stolen from Scott McCloud’s excellent book ‘Making Comics’, which has proved rather formative for me all these years later. I chose the title for its succint crystallisation (something, you’ll notice, I’m not very good at myself) of the ideas I want to look at here. Of how worlds, fantastic and familiar, incredible and grounded, spectacular and insular, can be opened through the power of sequential storytelling. How if we really try to look at what is outside our normal perspective, and if we look at it long enough, with enough intensity and conviction, we may not even notice the surrounding panels.